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  • Alison Cuming lit a candle on 11/08/2017:
    "My deepest condolences to the Brodie family and relatives! Mae was my mom, Aldora's closest friend in Mtl N and I grew to love her and called her Auntie Mae. Even my triplets knew her as Auntie Mae. She was the most generous, caring, loving person we have ever had the privilege to know, and has been sorrily missed ever since she moved to Ontario. We are deeply saddened to read of her passing. "

  • Garry- Helene Tate lit a candle on 11/06/2017:
    "Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bill & Avis and their family at this time of loss of their beloved Mother/Grandmother. We will be thinking of you."

  • Tim Byers lit a candle on 01/10/2018:
    "I never got to meet your mom. Just talked to her on the phone once last year (or was it the year before?) She seemed like a nice lady and I know that she did a great job of parenting as she raised such good crop o' kids. I'm sure she's up above looking down on all of her Brodie brood. God bless Mrs. Brodie."


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  • 1921

    Mae is born near Weyburn, Saskatchewan, one of seven girls and a boy, to Olive and William Benson. (May 6th, 1921)

  • 1942

    married John Casimir Brodie in Brandon Manitoba (July 25th, 1942)

  • 1944

    1st baby born at Brandon General Hospital. A son to be called Dennis John (April 6th, 1944)

  • 1946

    2nd baby, first daughter, first child born in Montreal, Winnifred Joan Brodie became Joan Sarafian when she and Haig married. (November 26th, 1946)

  • 1948

    3rd baby, Louise Mae, 2nd daughter, born in Montreal. (July 6th, 1948)

  • 1953

    4th baby,William Anthony, 2nd son, born in Montreal (November 13th, 1953)

  • 1954

    5th baby, Lawrence Blaise, 3rd son, born in Montreal (December 15th, 1954)

  • 1956

    6th baby, Charlotte Hazel, third daughter, born in Montreal (May 14th, 1956)

  • 1958

    7th baby, John Richard, fourth son, born in Montreal (March 8th, 1958)

  • 1959

    8th baby, Christine Julia, fourth daughter, born in Montreal (October 31st, 1959)

  • 1961

    9th baby, Katherine Ann, fifth daughter, born in Montreal (February 28th, 1961)

  • 1988

    John Casimir Brodie dies leaving Mae, age 67, a widow. (November 22nd, 1988)

  • 2017

    died in Creek Way Village LTC in Burlington, Ontario (November 1st, 2017)